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Kickin’ Top Entrepreneur, Holistic Nutritionist, and Accomplished Yogi Ginny Simon


CEO of Ginny Bakes on secrets to a happy, fulfilling relationship. How women can have it all. How a passionate, exciting life keeps you young.

Interview by Hannah Sentenac

Recently named #18 on Inc.’s list of the top 50 female CEOs in the nation for her work with ginnybakes, Ginny Simon has blazed new trails in the culinary and wellness worlds. She channels her passion for helping people live happier, healthier lives.

Hannah Sentenac: What’s your attitude towards aging?
Ginny Simon: My attitude is that it’s ALL about attitude. I have friends who complain about getting older and say they’re getting tired. I’m not getting tired. I’m more passionate, more enthusiastic, and more adventurous than I’ve ever been. I live a healthy, exciting life, and it’s kept me young.

HS: You and your husband have been together for three decades. What’s your secret to a happy, fulfilling relationship?
GS: Our secret is that there is no secret. We’re crazier about each other than ever, but that’s because we communicate constantly, stay open to new experiences, and never, ever fall into a mundane routine. He’s my anchor, and I’m his kite. He keeps me grounded, and I help him fly.

HS: Can women have it all?
GS: Absolutely. It’s all about finding something we love so much that it becomes a part of who we are. Then, family, work, and our personal lives become seamless. The most important part is staying true to ourselves, however, and not bowing to other people’s expectations of us.

HS: Your namesake company, ginnybakes, continues to grow. What made you decide to add blogging to your repertoire?
GS: I wanted a way to share myself with the world—a place where I could be completely authentic and write about my challenges, insights, and adventures. So many people are seeking balance and fulfillment, wondering if they can have it all, questioning whether it’s possible to achieve their career goals and still live a joyful, conscious life. I wanted to share my journey, with all its passion and pain and humor. Hopefully, I can help inspire people along the way.

HS: How do you balance your home/family life with work?
GS: ginnybakes represents how I feel about life. It’s my passion: living a clean, beautiful life. Separation is important; my guy and I are a couple at the end of the day. Lovers, partners tend to fall into the habit of talking about business at dinner. Not us. We turn off at 6 p.m. and set boundaries—rules of engagement—for when we’re together. Communication is key, as is discipline. You have to make sure marriage comes first. Kids are second, business is third.


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