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Music Feature: Musical Mutations of International Yogini Maya Fiennes


“I used to always wear white and embrace the light, and as I come into myself more and more, I am now finding way more acceptance for all of me, for all of my humanity. –Maya Fiennes”

Interview by Kenlyn KolleenKenlyn Kolleen is on assignment in San Diego for Mantra Magazine.

Kenlyn Kolleen: You’ve had such a varied career path as an artist, musician, fashion designer, and yogini; what makes you return to music and produce an album?
Maya Fiennes: My new album is called Shift. It represents a shift in my own being—and if I’m going through this, I know others are too—in accepting my dark side, my shadow side. I used to always wear white and embrace the light, and as I come into myself more and more, I am now finding way more acceptance for all of me, for
all of my humanity. So I wanted to do an album that speaks about this shift, combining music and yoga, electronica and mantra, the masses with yoga communities. For me, everything has come together and is one.

KK: What was your inspiration to do the album?
MF: I love Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) and I am inviting in more feminine or yin energy into the practice. I made a dance video for Gaiam (Yoga for Real Energy). Now I’m teaching classes that have a component of chi gong in them and my Sadhana album will have two songs at the end to get up and dance. Celebrate! I see
how people feel when I teach, and I meet it with dance, music, and frequency. I’m also including the voices of other famous yoga teachers in the album, such as Elena Brower and Anand, the founder of Sattva yoga.

KK: What about the inspiration for the remix dance version of the album?
MF: I wanted to get mantra out to more people than just the yoga community. I believe that the vibration of the mantras and the love frequency will give listeners an experience they haven’t had yet. I seem to create what I think is missing.

KK: What plans do you have after the album is finished?
MF: I want to take the album on the road and do some live shows where we dance! Of course. I’m also planning to get the yoga community together to make an album in support of our planet. We are a powerful community and I want to give back.

Macedonian born and internationally renowned Maya Fiennes may be better known in the yoga, holistic health, and fashion arenas, but it’s her music that is capturing the attention of the masses. She is a successful classical pianist and performer with an upbeat personality. Combining her love of yoga with her love of music, she is re-entering the music arena with a debut album fusing the sacred mantras of Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) with electronica music to a special frequency of music that is found in the buzzing of bees or the swaying of leaves on a tree—called the love frequency (528 Hz). Two albums will emerge from her studio: one for yoginis to use during morning Sadhana and a dance remix for clubs. Leave it to Maya to connect seemingly opposite worlds through her music. She is debuting her single, “LOVE NOW,” to Mantra Magazine listeners at

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