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Officer of the Peace: Photography and Text by Robert Sturman

Robert Sturman

California Police Officer, aka Officer of the Peace. Ironically, this was my last image of 2014. The world is hungry to believe in the good. And the world is good in a lot of ways.

People asked if Officer Milo is a real cop. Yes, he is—and a meditator, women’s self-defense teacher, martial artist, husband, father, and yogi. Others complain that he is not an “officer of the peace” if he is carrying a gun. Perhaps we will get to that way of life again one day. But, for now, if someone with a gun comes into my home to take my life, and a cop shows up with glitter, flowers, tarot cards, and peace signs, we are all screwed.

May we never lose sight of the beauty in this world and continue to celebrate the world we live in rather than simply fantasize about a better one. When we focus on goodness, the potential for more of the same is nourished. I know from my experience that when someone reflects back to me what I am doing beautifully, I am more inspired to fully step into that beauty. Even if it is just a small light at the time, that light will grow.


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