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The Mantra Series: #Dancer Marlo Fisken


Marlo Fisken on not clinging to stuff, freedom and soul-inspiring music.

Q: What’s been one of your greatest struggles, and how did you deal?
A: Not clinging to stuff. All my life I have had tons of clothes, extras of everything . . . stuff, stuff, stuff. Once I began my adult life, I knew I wanted less. I would read books on decluttering, but I couldn’t actually minimize. I was too attached to my excess. Then I started traveling the world to teach ten-plus months a year. I realized how little I actually need and what a burden excess is. It steals your energy, literally, as you laboriously haul it up and down stairs. Now, every time I come home, I have a field day disposing of things that no longer bring me joy.

Q: One truth you know for sure?
A: I believe there is immense freedom and knowledge (sometimes trapped) inside each of our bodies—we just have to move in the right way to release it. Like a key and a tricky lock, sometimes it takes some wiggling or even another set of hands to get parts of the body to open or align. When it clicks, voilà!, you are greeted with new possibilities, new freedoms, and new
perspectives. This, to me, is one of the greatest joys of movement exploration.

Q: What inspires you and makes you come alive?
A: Music, in particular new music. I can go from completely uninspired to unstoppable after hearing a few bars of something that stirs my soul. Having been a dancer all my life, my movement is guided by rhythm and sound. I have a particular affinity for breathy, deep, enigmatic electronica, hauntingly beautiful contemporary classical, worldly and Afro-inspired dance music,
and hip-hop/trap sans negativity.

Marlo Fisken teaches the the the art of flow movement all over the world. She is known for her detailed eye and kickin’ playlists.



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