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The Mantra Series: Kristine Kelly, #Miami Beach

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Kristine Kelly What Makes Us Beautiful, Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle, Nourishing Ourselves Deeply with Plant-based Food and Watching the Company You Keep.

Q: What is true Beauty to you?

A: Beauty is when you really know how to love yourself. Your body is a temple and it craves to be nourished with healthy, local food. As a personal chef specializing in plant-based cuisine, trained by Matthew Kenney Culinary, I educate others on how simple it is to use pure ingredients sourced locally to prepare a plant-based meal with vibrant flavors. When we nurture our bodies like this way, it transforms us. It fills us with so much energy that you feel powerful like a warrior; you’re ready to conquer anything. Some people might say you have a beautiful “glow” about you. We glow when we reflect something special we have inside of us—it’s Spirit-filled. When you have a beautiful soul that is nourished with healthy food, it will radiate. Another dimension of this inner glow is related to the company that you keep, so surround yourselves with people you love, admire and want to grow with. There is no need for competition, we are here to lift others up and support one another on this journey of life.

Q: What does a new year represent to you?

A: A new year represents an opportunity to create a healthy community wherever we are in the world. It’s a time to give to our community fully, sharing love through cooking for others and through a meaningful yoga practice. Finding new and creative ways to educate others on how they can live a healthy lifestyle is what it’s all about.

Kristine Kelly is a Miami and St. Barth Plant-Based Chef, Yoga and Wellness Retreat Organizer.


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