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Yoga Heals Series: Sprite Soren on Finding a Tumor, Having a Biopsy, and Learning to Listen to your Body


I thank my practice for the body awareness that alerted me to the problem.

Sprite Soren | Instagram: @SpriteSoren
Last spring at my annual exam, my ob-gyn found a lump. Within hours, I was at a radiologist where everyone was very concerned by what they saw. Days later, I found myself in surgery, where they decided to do a complete tumor removal because of the tumor’s size and invasiveness. As the biopsy went to multiple specialists for testing, it would be a month before I learned that it was cancer-free. I’ve known women close to me who had fought breast cancer and other cancers, such as lung cancer and lymphoma; some had not survived. I know how extremely fortunate I am. I will continue to be carefully checked from now on. This is all out of the ordinary for someone my age, 33, with almost no family history.

I had been feeling pain in my shoulder and had written it off as an old work injury. During yoga, I had felt unusual pain that made me feel uneasy. I thank my practice for the body awareness that alerted me to the problem. The recovery was painful, but I had the support of a very understanding yoga studio with knowledgeable teachers. They let me cry on my yoga mat, gave me adjustment suggestions, and taught me how to practice with greater patience as I healed. My yoga truly healed me. Breast exams are important for women of all ages. Please pay attention and learn how to do self-exams, ask your doctor questions, and heal through yoga.


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